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Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Winter Miracles (The Eagles won the Superbowl)

January through April tends to be my busiest time of the year.   We usually have more surgical teams during this period than any other.     I love seeing the familiar faces of teams that I have now known for nearly 7 years.    And since I was newly returning with a 3 month old last year and can barely remember anything in those first few months, this winter has been fun plugging back into ministry work.

I must say that it’s been made possible by the help of my awesome parents, who have come down for 7 weeks and have been the greatest support system ever.  Our house is clean, the laundry is done, and Magdalena is in complete and total love.   I have found immense joy in watching her with her grandparents as she continues to learn new words and explore the world around her.   She goes for daily walks to the park with her “Pa-pa”  (Paw-paw) and sings songs, plays play-dough and reads about a billion books a day with “Ma-ma” (Maw- maw).    Monchy and I have no idea what we will do when they return to the States.  🙂   I can also now say that I’ve watched the Phillies win the World Series while seated on the couch with my dad…AND the Eagles win the Super Bowl while pacing anxiously around the living room with my dad.   Sharing fun times with Magdalena and these emotional sports moments with family have been some of the highlights of this winter.

Some other highlights have been the patients that I have come to know and some of the incredible miracles that we have seen in the past several months.   Up until now I’ve been a little reserved with trying to pray with patients in Spanish, knowing that my grammar or pronunciation sometimes just stinks.    I have done it but have felt like I’ve communicated poorly what I wanted to say or led to some misunderstandings.  However, God has given me several opportunities to sit in some sad and emotional situations with patients and PRAY and cry and just BE with them.   And He has shown His mercy.    I have seen healings but I have also seen that if I step out of my comfort zone and am willing to cry and sit WITH people who are struggling, God honors my lame ability to communicate well and opens those doors for understanding.    I have also been humbled watching our wonderful translators praying for the patients before surgery and encouraging them.   It’s so amazing to see the physical results of a successful surgery…but even more encouraging to know that we start our surgical days putting our patients in the Hands of the Great Healer.    It was probably my favorite part of this past week, watching our patients being prayed for before surgery.    Several weeks ago I was also privileged to watch a Prophetic Prayer team pray for all of the chiropractor patients.   Crazy healing miracles happened that week!   Before they left they also prayed over me and my family and it was so powerful to know that the same prophetic words spoken months ago over Magdalena and myself were reiterated AGAIN in powerful ways.    I am holding onto those promises from God as we continue to pray for and live out His leading in our lives.

And now we have a week off from teams and I am excited for some friends visiting from home.  Ron and Tina Bare and their family are coming for a week and Monch and I can’t wait to show them San Juan and then enjoy several days at the beach.   THANK you to all who are praying for us and supporting us.  Your prayers and support sustain us and the Father speaks THROUGH you.   MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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