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Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Visitors, spring days and next steps!

We have enjoyed several visitors over the last several months which has been SO FUN and LIFE GIVING.   My brother, sister in law and nephews were here for a week in January.  Madi LOVED playing with her cousins and continues to talk about them.  As noted previously, Sue Eby (AKA Superwoman, Mom, and Mama) was with us for 9 weeks holding down the home fort and pouring into our lives.  My dad was here for 5 weeks with her and I believe that Magdalena’s vocabulary tripled during their time here.  There were daily walks to the park, the stadium, the local grocery store with my parents.   I think that there may have been ice cream treats at 10 am for Madi which she will never forget!

Then Aunt Tina Bare came to stay for a week and then Aunt Naomi and Noah for another week.   We felt blessed- we felt LOVED.   We felt poured into and prayed for!  Lots of pix below of our fun winter/spring.

IMG_1255 IMG_1863IMG_1881 IMG_9813 IMG_1806IMG_1993 IMG_1992 IMG_1949 IMG_1486 IMG_1800 IMG_1479 IMG_0063

And we have had several weeks off here between teams and have enjoyed Spring in San Juan.  The heat IS picking up but there are still fresh breezes in the evening and morning.  For those following up on the last blog, our precious patient O is recovering beautifully.   I have seen some updates on his recovery and he is THRIVING.

I also have seen a neat testimony of how our teams and partners work together for the benefit and health of our patients.  In mid-March one of our barrio teams discovered a 9 year old girl with a strange growth on her leg.   All of the providers (both Dominican and North American) were concerned about this growth and wanted her to be seen quickly.   The next week the parents brought sweet R to the clinic to see Dr. Canario.   He assessed her and referred her to our surgical team arriving the following week.   R had surgery the following week by our North American surgical team to remove her growth and send it to pathology in Santo Domingo.   Almost every day the following week the mother of sweet R brought her to Dr. Canario for wound care, check ups and assessment.   Although I still do not have the biopsy results, I am so happy that R was seen by our barrio team, assessed by our Dominican partners, operated on by our surgical team, and followed up on through Dr. Canario.  THIS is the teamwork that we strive for at Solid Rock,  partnering with our local caregivers to provide excellent care for the patients in conjunction with our incoming medical teams.   When I see how and why this system works, I am so honored to be a part of sustainable ministry.   I believe that situations like this set SRI apart from “drop in” medical care.  Please continue to pray for our patients like O and R who benefit so much from the opportunities available here and for our partners like Dr. Canario and Dr. Caceres who are always on the ground serving their own people.


Thank you for your continued prayers during our time of transition.    As I am transitioning out, I am super excited to introduce you to Nicole Hoover and her family.   Nicole will be taking over as Medical Coordinator for SRI and I have really enjoyed knowing her over the last 2 years and especially enjoyed working closely with her over the last several months.    I cannot speak highly enough of Nicole’s ability to step into this multifaceted position and shine as she does. She has a heart for missions and service and I appreciate her organizing skills, great communication, knowledge, and vision for how we can continue to grow.   I look forward to watching her thrive in this role.   I have had such incredible support in this time at SRI and I am asking the same for her.   Nicole and her family are raising financial support for their 3 year commitment and could use YOUR help.    If you are able to contribute, please visit the SRI website ( or call the office (419-956-4077) to see how you can continue to play a role in the ministry of SRI.  I would never have been able to have this opportunity to serve without those who held me up with their prayers, wallets, and encouragement.   Please take this opportunity to join with us in welcoming and supporting Nicole and Jason Hoover and their children Ethan and Miriam.

Hoover Blog Picture with Border

Thank you again for praying and walking through this with Monchy and Magdalena and I.  We expect lots of emotions as this transition continues but also feel God’s peace with our next steps.   Bendicidos y Bendicidas!

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