Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Summer Summer Summertime…

It’s not even 4 in the afternoon and I’m on my 3rd cool shower.  That’s how hot it is here right now.   I’ve been here for the majority of 7 1/2 years and I can’t remember a hotter summer.  Even Monch is sleeping on the floor at night because it’s cooler.  Whew!  The joys of a tropical island.

I’ve been kinda grumpy over the last few weeks and this weekend I’ve come to a few conclusions.  One of my friends who is undergoing some frustrating times has focused on being grateful for things in order to change her attitude.   This weekend I decided to focus on the same.  Because, honestly, my attitude could use a little adjustment.  Hence, here is a list of things that I am grateful for…in no particular order.

  1.  Coffee.  YES.  Is there life without coffee?
  2. El Cercado.  My great happiness nearly every week is spending time in our clinic there with Samuel and Dr. Jazmin or Dr. Zaidy.  It’s so exciting to see the clinic growing.  We are hoping to have our ultrasound doctor start next week and are still praying about some dental equipment in order to open our dentist office.  God has been answering HUGE prayers in El Cercado.
  3. Monchy.  He is my rock.  He knows me and yet keeps coming back for more.   His wisdom still blows me away after nearly 6 years of knowing him.   The best moment of every day is when he walks in the door.
  4. Magdalena.  She is the joy of my life and if she stayed 20 months old forever I would be okay with it.  2o months is tiring but FUN.   Also, sometimes she does really weird quirky things and I absolutely know that she’s just like me and I did those same weird things.   Parenting win!
  5. Feta cheese and pickles.  Stop mocking me- this is truth and I can’t get enough.   There are lots of stuff that I miss from the US but cheese and pickles are about on the top of the list.
  6.   Fans.  Have I mentioned this weather?  We are over sleeping on the floor.
  7. Internet/Technology.   This has negative aspects as well but I LOVE being able to keep up with my friends and family overseas.
  8. Books.  Books are a vacation from life for me.
  9. Toilet paper and indoor plumbing.  Need I say more?  This is such a treat.
  10. Screens.  Mosquitos = disease.   This is important and worth spending money on.  Also, I hate flies.
  11. Jeff and Kamanda, Jon and Alissa.  I work with the very very best.  They encourage me, love on me, PRAY for me and keep me accountable and in line.  I love our team and I love that I know they always have my back.   They set awesome examples of how to be missionaries and I want to be more like them.
  12. Nef.  My right hand man and work partner makes my life about 1000% easier with his very presence.   I am so very very grateful for him and all of our stellar Ministry Assistants.   Even when we are both at the clinic I’m calling him about a million times a day with questions such as these:  “What time is lunch?”  “Do you have the latest OR schedule” “Do you have any slush money”  ” Have you seen the labs on the next hysterectomy”  ” Do you know anyone with AB+ blood?”  “Can you take that lady to get a chest x-ray” “How much oxygen is left in OR 2?”, etc etc.
  13. Our Dominican partners.   I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see Dominicans loving on Dominicans.  I get to see this behind-the-scene stuff a lot and it’s so affirming.
  14. Education.  Never to be take for granted.   A college education can take 9 years here.
  15. Dominican pedicures.  This is a 5-10 dollar luxury that I can’t put into words but it really should be experienced by all if you have an extra 5 hours of time.
  16. Street food.  Again, don’t mock me til you’ve tried it.  And who cares if you need antibiotics afterwards?  It was worth it all along!   I keep Cipro on stand-by always.
  17. Safe drinking water.  ‘Nuf said.
  18. A vehicle to drive.  I can roll on the pasola sometimes but man, it’s nice to have wheels available to me.  I am really grateful for this.
  19. My family, both Stateside and here.   I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if I was not the daughter of Bud and Sue Eby.   They are my heroes and I pray regularly that I can become more and more like them.    And I couldn’t do life here without my in-laws.   My mother-in-law stops in to check on me at least 2-3 times a week, bringing food and love.  My brother-in-law is our go-to babysitter and when I say go-to, I mean that he’s here 5 out of 7 days, usually last minute notice,  and he never once complains.   Plus Madi loves him possibly more than she loves me.
  20. Jesus.  The love of my life.  My Savior.  He who sustains me, calls me, and picks me up off the floor when I continually fall.   Thank you for the Cross.

So there we go.  In the words of my friend J- gratitude to change my attitude.  I think it’s working.  🙂

And hey, I’m pretty psyched to head to PA for a few weeks next weekend.  I can’t wait to see my stateside tribe and have Magdalena enjoy my friends and family there.   There’s another huge reason to be grateful.   Blessings to all- I hope you are staying cool this summer.

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