Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Nicole Eby | Solid Rock


I have read my books.   I have sat in the sunshine.  I have played endless games of stacking blocks and reading The Hungry Caterpillar.   I have puttered in the garden (THE DILL WILL NOT GROW!  WHY WHY WHY!) and made many batches of guayaba juice.    I feel so much more rested than I have in months.   I’ve cooked some great food.  I’ve spent time with my family and enjoyed being in my own house.   This may easily be the greatest break that I’ve had here in years.

3 weeks without teams.    While that doesn’t alleviate the Public Health paperwork or my work in El Cercado, it still has given me a wondrous sense of quiet and calm.   And now we are gearing up for a great surgical (and barrio!) week.  And I feel…..ready.   I worked in the pharmacy today and look forward to doing it again tomorrow.   I look forward to tackling the clinic this weekend too and enjoyed my conversations with Livida and Dr. Canario today.    I love what I get to do here (except for Public Health paperwork!).    I love the peeps that I work with…from both sides of the ocean.    I love this incoming team and can’t wait to see them on Sunday.   I’m excited and expectantly waiting for a meaningful and fun week.

Please continue to pray for us (not just my little family but our entire Solid Rock family), that this break will carry us through the next work season, that God will continue to sustain us and remind us of why we are here, that we will build each other up and cherish our fun moments too.    I am not a great prayer journal person but I have noticed that in the last few months God has answered some very specific prayers that I have had.   It’s been such a gift to see these answers play out and I am very motivated to continue sharing my highs and lows with Jesus….knowing that even little things are important to Him.

Colossians 3:15- Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace.  And be thankful.


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