Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Los ciegos VEN!

After two awesome and fun weeks at home and attending the Solid Rock Board meeting in Indy,  I flew back to the DR straight into a week of new (well, new to me!) surgery.  We had the Biltmore Eye Foundation from Phoenix AZ in San Juan performing cataract and pterygium surgeries.   I have never seen anything like it.  65 patients came and had surgery during our week and it was incredible to see things such as :

1) Surgery without an IV or any sedation.   The amazing anesthesiologist Michelle gave “blocks” to the patients with local anesthesia and eye drops and they felt no pain.   Unbelievable!

2)  Patients walking in and then walking right out of the OR in less than 20-30 minutes.  The patients didn’t have any sedation and the surgery itself was fast…therefore it was funny to see them walk in…and then walk right back out shortly afterwards with incredible results.  Again, this was all new to me so it was fantastic to learn!

3)  Patients with 20/25 vision the next day after their bandages were taken off.  Going from near blindness to having sight better than MINE.  Miraculous!  I felt like I was seeing miracles each time I saw a post-op patient leaving.

4) The tiny little instruments and also the Phaco machine, the different microscopes, and the other “tools” of the eye trade.  There was a lot to learn and I feel like I STILL have lots of take in.

We are so grateful to the surgeons, Dr. Konti and Dr. Van Buren and their entire crew.  What an amazing week! (Photos are below and permission was given by the patients for these pix!)

IMG_9480 Our crew at the SRI Board meeting.  What a great weekend, reminding me of all the prayer and hard work that goes into this ministry both state-side and in the DR!

IMG_9585  Magdalena had a blast stateside with her cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  It’s so fun to see her with my peeps.  She’s grown up a LOT in the last 6 months!

IMG_9642Our translator Surgical crew Nefthali, Irayssa and Simon (minus Hector in the pic) prepping and organizing!

IMG_9659  I always praise Jesus when “Ti-ti” (Aunt) Cora is in town.  She’s our greatest encourager and knows more about our clinic than anyone else so it’s always reassuring to have her with us.   She, Michelle (the anesthesiologist with Cora in this pic) and sweet Norma ran the PACU and it was good times all around with that crew!

IMG_9664Cora with one of our patients in the PACU.   For me it is such a privilege to watch her love for them, knowing that many of our patients would never be able to have surgery anywhere else because of the cost or their poor access to health care.

IMG_9670  Olivia, Brian and Dr. Konti- part of the all-star OR team.

IMG_9684  Setting up surgery for the patient!

IMG_9689  Setting up the PHACO machine

IMG_9694  Looking at the teeny tiny instruments!   Incredible!

IMG_9700  The two “Enmanuels”- the dynamic duo!  What loving care they showed to every single patient!

IMG_9708  Here is Dr. Canario sending off one of the patients after surgery.  Of course only in the DR would the patient and his family members take off on a motorcycle!


And at the end of the day, I’m still a wife and mom.   Monch and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage next month and gulp, went on our third date night (we think? because that’s all that we can remember????)  since Magdalena has been born last night.   We vow to do better this upcoming year at taking out time for US…but also can both say that being a parent has been the most wonderful privilege and honor of our lives.

IMG_9723 Tired after a long day but so happy to hold my precious girl!

Prayers are always needed and always felt…as we continue to grow and change and develop in both ministry and personal lives.    I have recently been frustrated  by some new government requirements/paperwork for incoming teams.   There is still lots to process but it has added hours of work to my week.  Although I do enjoy most administrative work, I miss the patient contact and other favorite roles that have been set aside for this paperwork.   Please pray that we will develop a system here that will allow for these regulations to easily be adapted…and that we will be given favor by Public Health and the government.    I also have the Amway report coming up, due in early December/ late November and I feel that weighing upon me.

Thanks for walking through this life with us.  We always appreciate your support, knowing that it is because of most of you that I can serve here.    Bendiciones a todos!

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