Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Nicole Eby | Solid Rock


There are many donations that we receive here in our clinic. I told one young doctor today that I am sure that there is equipment and supplies here that cannot be found anywhere else outside of Santo Domingo. It really is AMAZING what our generous teams bring for us.
Recently, Dr. Christopher Olukoga came with a team from Pennsylvania, led by my dear friend Cathy Case. Dr. O has been coming here for several years and this year he brought and donated a new (essentially brand new!) laparoscopic machine/tower complete with all the bells and whistles (HIGH DEF, anyone????). While I may not know much about laparoscopic equipment, even I can see the amazing detail and difference that equipment of this caliber makes for surgery. Dr. O used the lap tower to do 3 lap choles (that’s laparoscopic gallbladders for those nonmedical folks), the first of whom was my husband’s stepfather. It was pretty awesome. I would say that the surgical time was cut in half in comparison to using our old machine, which gave everything a sweet purple hue during surgery.  I used to hold my breathe when we fired up that old lap tower…and now I just grin thinking of how cool it is to be able to see inside of someone during surgery. What an amazing concept!

Thanks Dr. O…for your kindness and generosity. This truly has made and will make a big difference in our patient outcomes and surgical opportunities here in San Juan.   And thank you Cathy Case for leading and facilitating an incredible week of barrio and surgery WITHOUT 24 of your suitcases, which were taken by customs in the airport.   Because of her meticulous planning and preparation, her team was able to perform surgery AND go to the barrios effectively even without much of their supplies.  God sustains us!  One of the greatest privileges of my life here is meeting and knowing the folks who really do the work, who have the phenomenal talent and the servant attitude to come here and use their mad skills to be the hands and feet of Jesus.   I am so HONORED to get to be a teeny part of it.    THANK YOU dear friends.

Sidenote- the 24 bags arrived in San Juan on Monday, a near month after Cathy’s arrival.  What was an incredibly frustrating and tearful experience was turned into a big dependence on our GOD to supply all of our needs, which He did and DOES.    To Him be the glory forever and forever!




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