Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Nicole Eby | Solid Rock


We are back!  Well, most of us are back.   Magdalena and I flew back to the DR last Saturday (Monchy comes on Tuesday) and we have had a fabulous week of settling in, visiting with family, and getting prepared to start DR life again.   Thanks for the prayers because our adjustment has gone exceptionally well.    Madi has rediscovered all her old toys and books and patio and I have loved getting into our house again and seeing our bananas growing, basil flourishing, (THANKS KIND BROTHERS IN LAW!) and green plants thriving everywhere.

The clinic looks bustling, busy and super organized, thanks to Livida and the amazing nurses there. The pharmacy looks better than it ever ever has, thanks to the Bill Neiss team (shout out to JENNY! We love you!) who was here in August and apparently spent every single second making the pharmacy look like a CVS or Walgreens in the US, ready to serve and impeccably organized.   I am super inspired!  Nef and I and Madi and Elias buzzed up to El Cercado and were greeted by Dr. Jazmin and Samuel, who have done a simply amazing job of serving our vulnerable population there.   Our new ultrasound doctor is also seeing patients and was sharing some incredible testimonies of how the community (even folks coming over an hour to receive her care!) has benefited from having ultrasound in El Cercado.   The family practice physician, Dr. Montero, continues to see more patients who can have EKGs performed right there in our El Cercado clinic office.  We are also getting closer to opening our dental office in El Cercado and would appreciate prayers as this process moves along.   SO- there’s lots going on and there’s so much to pray about but GOD has been moving and working in our midst.

And I…I feel content.   I know my Visa process has only just begun, with Step One completed and several steps left to completing legal residency or citizenship here.   I am grateful to have this first one down and trying to stay positive about the upcoming steps.   I am content seeing my Dominican family’s faces and watching Elias and my in laws love on my daughter.   I am content listening to Magdalena babble as she pushes her little stroller across our patio and say “Mommy!  Mommy’s house” (meaning that this is our house).    I am content staring out the window in El Cercado over those mountains that I’ve been staring out for nearly 9 years now.   I am content watching our partners care for patients so tenderly and lovingly.   I am content making guayaba juice from my patio and cooking stewed pigeon peas over my stove, a gift from Baby Nicole and her mom, whom I was privileged to visit today.   I am content sitting down with Jeff and Kamanda and shooting the breeze and remembering how absolutely blessed I am to be here, to be able to do this, to be able to do this with people that I really really love and respect.   I am content with my sweet Dominican pedicure and new fancy highlights, thanks to kind family and friends who care for my appearance apparently more than I do.  🙂

I’m ready for Fall.  I’m ready for the teams.  I’m ready for our surgical weeks and barrio teams and Child Nutrition Program and the Amway report and all of it.   I’m also ready for the Philadelphia Eagles to kick some tail but I doubt I’ll get to watch very much of any games.   I’m ready for my daughter to go back to sleeping all night and taking naps.  I’m ready for arripitas and “street meat”.  I’m ready for date nights with my one and only buzzing through town on our payola.   I’m ready for God to continue to MOVE in the DR, as He does all over the world, demonstrating how WIDE AND VAST AND INCOMPREHENSIBLE is His great love for us.

THANK YOU for riding out this waiting period with us and supporting us through it.   We are happy to be back in the saddle and look forward to continuing to settle in.  BENDICIONES a todos!


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