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Nicole Eby | Solid Rock

Big days ahead

As I type this my mind is spinning over how the rest of today will go.  It’s the start of the Fall Medical season and I couldn’t be more excited.   One of my dearest friends Cathy is on her way to the Guesthouse for the first surgical team since early spring.    Nef, Simon, Irayssa, Hector and I spent most of the weekend rearranging the pharmacy and setting up the clinic for surgery.

That sounds a lot easier than it actually was.  The pharmacy “almacen” is in an area of the clinic/parking lot where water gathers and settles so it’s a big flood risk.  With the hurricanes that had been forecasted for San Juan,  our amazing “Damage Prevention” team (Nef!  Randy!  Hector!  Jeff!) had taken everything off the lower shelves and floor and set them up high.   It was quite safe and fortunately we took on exactly ZERO water over the rainy season (so far!) in the pharmacy.   But then this weekend it was quite a LONG reorganization process.

We have also been in communication with the clinic personnel about ways to think of a formal inventory.   This is also an idea that seems simple until you’ve actually lived here.   It’s a long story but needless to say we are trying to new system of moving leftover medications INSIDE the clinic in their formal pharmacy to keep track of what medications are used inside the clinic and how it may be easier to know what we should continue to request, etc.    When we move to the new clinic in the future (YAY!)  we will then have an inventory system that hopefully is functional.  Again, these are major dreams on my part and I hope (!!!) that they can become a reality.

Anyway,  here we are preparing for surgery this week and then a barrio team and then I’ll be traveling to the States for two weeks to attend the SRI Board Meeting.  I’m very excited since I haven’t been to a board meeting in 6 years and I’m also pretty psyched for my family and friends to see Magdalena.

Speaking of Magdalena, tomorrow is a big day as well.   My baby (MY BABY!!) will turn one tomorrow.   I am in awe and shock that the day is upon us.   Without trying to be cheesy or melodramatic let me just say this has been the best year of my life.    Magdalena is funny and dramatic and precious and sweet.   She is staggering around trying to walk and moving fast when she crawls.  She loves visitors,  baths, kitties, her stroller, hummus, olives, rice & beans,  and yogurt.    She’s an awesome traveler, loves stacking her little blocks,  and shrieks when she’s excited.   She is quite simply the joy of my life.   Monch and I still stay awake at night talking about how marvelous and miraculous our daughter is and we never cease being amazed at her new accomplishments.

We continue to covet your prayers for health and safety.   Knowing where I am, even simple coughs from Magdalena have me on my knees praying for her health and every time we set sail in the truck I feel like I take big breaths and offer up prayers to keep us safe on the road.   Please join with us in these prayers!  I feel them and so appreciate them.   It is such an honor to partner with so many of you in this amazing endeavor!

Thank you as always for your unwavering support.    I hope to see some of you in October when we head home for a few weeks.

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